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Serving the U.S.A. From
Indianapolis, Indiana for over 10 years

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Do I want a Used Laptop or a Used Notebook and what's the difference?

In the early days of portable computing the term Notebook was used to describe a small, ultra light weight laptop that typically did not include an internal CD, DVD or floppy drive and utilized a smaller than average LCD screen.

The term Laptop usually referred to a larger portable that included a CD or DVD drive and often included a floppy disk drive. In most portables the Laptop was equipped with a larger LCD screen.

Thanks to major advances in technology in recent years, you can now have the benefits of the light weight notebook combined with the larger screen and internal CD, DVD, CD-RW or even DVD-RW drives of the Laptop.

So, today the terms Notebook and Laptop are interchangeable and are generally used to refer to the same type of portable computer.



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